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Posts regarding Woodstock NB convention



Alanna McDonalds description of abuse in the work

Sister worker in NB

Other recent allegations (from April 2024)

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Letter to the Church

Published on "Wings for truth"

A well written and comprehensive summary of  recent  developments within 2x2ism.

Dr Natalie Bolin, a co-author of this letter, is an Executive Director at Advocates For The Truth



UPDATE Robert Corfield
From FB group 2x2 Church Updates



Information has been published stating that Robert Corfield (admitted pedophile) has been holding gospel meetings in the Great Falls, MT area.


Wisconsin ex-worker faces charges

Published on "Wings for truth"
Also from FB group 2x2 Church Updates


Evan Byers was in the work in Wisconsin 1994-2001. He married in 2003

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for 10.30 am May 10, 2024



NZ Ministry Fail to Alert Friends after US Abuser Visit

US minister revealed as sexual abuser attended sect's NZ gatherings

Published on "Wings for truth"


The international aspect of 2x2ism shows its face in indecency and vice!!


South Dakota Media Report

En extensive media (7 pages) report about the darkest aspects of 2x2ism that have come to light in recent times.

Published on "Wings for truth"

Hard to understand that inspite of the never ending reports of extreme moral decay within the group ... they still hang on to the self-good internal teaching that they are supreme in their standing before God. 

That they alone represent Gods people on the earth!!!!!??? They persistantly claim that all other groups on the earth are less favored by God.


Albert Clark asked to leave the work in Atlantic Canada and Quebec for allegations of CSA
 Letter by Johathan Freeburn

From FB group 2x2 Church Updates
Also published on "Wings for truth"

 Comments posted by

FB group 2x2 Church Update



Jim Atcheson (senior worker)   threatens victim  to protect Jack Reddekop inspite of multiple dsexual abuse allegations

From FB group 2x2 Church Updates


Cult Leadership figure in Sask Canada
Jim Atcheson


RNZ (Radio New Zealand) is New Zealand's independent public service multimedia organisation and is a Crown entity established under the Radio New Zealand Act 1995.


National Radio Broadcast regarding sexual abuse in New Zealand in a 'secret sect'  (2x2ism)

(a link to an audio file)

FBI investigates reports of historical child sexual abuse within sect also operating in New Zealand


(posted by 'WingsForTruth' with links to news items published in New Zealand)


Picture from mentioned NZ media article


The owners of Ellershouse convention grounds Nova Scotia have cancelled convention on their property
They feel "unconfortable" with the convention being held on their property!

(from Facebook group '2x2 church updates')
(I also received this information today directly from a personal friend in the region)

Also published on "Wings for truth"


Top leadership figure in Alaska - Dan Lawty withdraws from the ministry
Unsuitable sexual involvement!

(published by WingsForTruth)


A crumbling foundation! - recent cancellations of group functions
March 2024

From Facebook group '
Exposing Abuse: 2x2s'

 Further updates 2024-04-21

Convention at Stocks Farm in Staffordshire England unexpectedly cancelled
March 2024
(from Facebook group '2x2 church updates')

(I was  there for convention in 1979-1980  - and became good friends with Shaun Buckly!!) 

Edward Emberton chooses to  leave  the work
in BC Canada
because of the "current climate"

(published by WingsForTruth)

Top ranking cult leadership figure in BC Canada
Known for his indifference to the dangers of CSA and SA
and for his will to deal harshly with critisizm
Merlin Affleck


Ernie Sharpe – convicted 1994 – still a problem

(published by WingsForTruth)


As this man is now living in Ontario I presume that Dale Shultz is the senior worker involved in disregarding the seriousness of the offences.

Top ranking cult leadership figure 
well known by many for his role in protecting sex offenders
and cruelly disparaging and humiliating victims
(see the BBC article)
Dale Shultz


  Published by "FrontPorchNews"  2024-03-18
"Sexual Abuse Survivors Are Exposing Secretive Religous Group: “The Truth”

Referenced in the article as former sect minister
Steve Rohs

Bonners Ferry ID Conventions folks choose to shut down convention
because of the obvious moral concerns
(published by WingsForTruth)



CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) article
regarding sexual abuse by a worker

Responsible cult leadership figure BC Canada
Merlin Affleck


Judy Scheller leaves the work

(published by WingsForTruth)


Feb 2024

Another top leadership figure from Montana Wyoming - Scott Rauscher
obliged to leave the work

Unsuitable sexual involvement!

(published by WingsForTruth)

FBI 2x2 investigation (on FBIs website)
Feb 2024

BBC publishes the FBI investigation
Feb 2024


2x2 Sexual abuse on BBC (published by British Broadcasting Corporation)

Responsible cult leadership figure 
Dale Shultz

Confessed long time offender
Sect minister
Robert Corfield


Other relevant information


Cult Leadership figure in Sask Canada
Jim Atcheson

Assumed cult Leadership figure in Alberta Canada
Mike Hassett

Sheri VanDermyden Autrey
Her description of the abuse sequence


Original letter by Doyle Smith
regarding Dean Bruers extreme sexual activity as a senior minister

(published by WingsForTruth)

March 2023

Dean Bruer
as senior cult leadership figure

until his untimely death June 2022


Power and Abuse in Canada (Marg Meyer(Magowan)
(published by WingsForTruth)

And by the way --- I am proud to be her cousin!

All these 4 bare major guilt in the ugly abuse issues that Marg refers to.
It would seem that they have betrayed (and continue to betray)  the most basic moral values that decent folks trust.


We have over 250 other documents on record by involved folks expressing concern  about these horrible issues 
 (unfortunately many have only been written on different secret forums to avoid group reprisal  -- Only a very few have had the moral courage to overcome this cowards 'escape route' and to more honourably   write and speak from the heart openly and freely)

Ultimate guilt may lie with a vast grassroots membership body that  lack the moral courage to stand up for what they believe in their hearts. These 250 documents prove that membership is well aware!!!  and concerned!!
but has obviously chosen 'darkness rather than light'.






Wonder what shoe  this would quite obviously fit on perfectly!



Don't mess it up with outside influence


vs The curse and attraction of carefully worded group compromise


The only escape route from the pain of corruption




Note the crumbling beyond the haughty front.
What could this be refering to?


I have wondered and wondered just why so many folks claiming moral interest are so extremely determined to save 2x2ism and retain their place within it  .. No matter how many breaches of moral dignity and indecent policy turn up.

Its not like there are no other honorable options ...

One thing 2x2 has pounded into the membership mindset from the begining is that "We are a little bit superior over every other group philosify or Christian representation in the world"

God likes us a little better than ALL other organizations on our planet!!!"

Professing friends and workers have developed a likeing for  feeling this way, and want to retain that inbred superior feeling!  - NO MATTER WHAT

That explains it well.


The 2x2 culture has obviously bred ignorance into its long term followers .. The brick wall that so many are banging their heads against will withstand a thousand more heads banging on it without change. Time and history has proven this time and time again.

There is a very simple and obvious way to leave this idiotic and morally defunct wall and system behind and continue family life and spirituality in decency and integrity-- 

Why is it such a hard equation?  Maybe because of  2x2 cultural ignorance??  And because its hard for anyone (especially religious folks)  to admit they have been deceived so easily!!  and for so long!!


There is an amzing beauty in the humanitarian moral values expressed in   Christian teaching that some of us were taught as children ..  Things like kindness, empathy, mercy, forgiveness, openness,  honesty, hospitality, decency, non-violence, humility, integrity, respect for others, equality,  thankfulness, service, etc etc  All these most wonderful things that would make our entire world and existance a better place

Unfortunatly these things are now obviously being violently  betrayed and openly defiled  by the very folks that we trusted and expected would protect them.  It breaks our hearts!!  Yet the vast majority of workers and friends choose  to openly violate these  most basic simple values  -- and dismiss them as insigificant in the organization they participate in and support.

Why? Self-interest, self-righteousness, arrogance and hypocricy of the most evil kind. 

Leave it behind!


There are a large number of ’reform’ and information sites and ideas being floated on the internet regarding 2x2ism.. Much of it Information regarding the ongoing sexual abuse scandal that has hit the fan recent months.

Information in large volumes of countless morally despicable happenings within the 2x2 fellowship – and things that have been happening in the shadows for a very, very long period of time.

In its wake, hundreds of other issues of abuse and violations of decency and moral dignity that have been -uncovered. Not just individual failings – but built in systematic failures (criminal issues) all the way from- being fostered at the very top leadership down to the lowest ranking membership in the bottom of the hierarchy and organizational structure of the group.

Good and well – that light has been shone on it all --- but to me, even these information sites are spreading falseness … The false illusion that things are now being dealt with, and return to ‘normal’ will be morally dependable.

This is NOT the first major scandal wave that his hit the group … Reform has always resulted in the following scandal being more despicable and ‘evil’ than the previous.

Why would ANYONE trust ANYTHING the comes from a 2x2 infected mouth today?


What an awful "critical spirit" this author had!!! (Wonder if Dale Shultz would remember who it was that was so critical??  -- ánd maybe expell him! 

"Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men's bones, and of all uncleanness. Even so ye also outwardly appear righteous unto men, but within ye are full of hypocrisy"

I am disappointed and in utter shame for all my friends and relatives that knowingly continue in full participation, supporting an organization that has been proven beyond doubt to have systematically  destroyed so many innocent lives with the cruelest and vilest from of moral failure -- for the last 100 years!!

Talk about disappointment and shame!! A religious group that I was part of for a major part of my life … is now undergoing the uncovering of an enormous Child Sexual Abuse scandal … Apparently that has been going on for the last hundred years … and now revealed that it has been enabled by very top leadership. A leadership that has actively promoted different protection schemes for the most ugly and daring of abusers. At the same time as victims cry's have been systematically dismissed, shamed, and even punished for coming forward with accusations of crime that could reflect on the image of the organization!

Of course, much of this has gone on in the unknown darker corners of the organization … Yet even now when it has been clearly brought to light, the vast majority of membership refuses to acknowledge its moral seriousness – and the lives that have been destroyed. Present day membership seem to just brush if off as insignificant in their faith.

Blame has been directed to ex membership for the bitterness of bringing it to light-- some have correctly blamed leadership for their unquestionable role. Leadership has blamed victims for not just quietly accepting their abuse in interest of the ‘testimony’.

To me, a major part of the blame now can be squarely placed on membership, that still choose to knowingly continue full participation and moral support to a despicable organization that has betrayed so many.. The courage to stand for what is right and true apparently doesn’t exist anywhere within the group any longer.



The lost freedom to express genuine moral belief and concern

Just about a week ago I was violently made aware of the extreme terror folks have of family and workers becoming aware of the genuine feelings and well justified moral concerns in their hearts. 

Hidding genuine belief and concern is being regarded as a more important part of life than the most basic honourable principle ... That love of secrecy in reality is also pure and  uncontestable dishonesty!!

And what is hypocrisy?.. Believing one thing under cover, and supporting  something else by active participation.



A woman that could use all the shallow excuses others seem to be  using these days to avoid group condemnation  -- but she refuses to put her stamp of participation-willingness, to an ungodly organization systematically harming people. A majority of membership (and workers) seem to lack her courage and stedfastness of faith.

Gwen Bartlett Call for Honesty and Truth

 WINGS Note: Written by a 92 year old lady who lived on convention grounds in Zimbabwe for 30 years.

Posted on Wings for Truth


John the baptist got tired of the religious deceivers following him and compared them to 'vipers'--
Snakes make their moves in 'slithers' rather than honourably forward in concrete steps!!
(wonder why I thought of that just now??)



There is an interesting and valueable promise in several of the gospels in the bible ... Offering a simple non-organizational escape (salvation)  from the heavy wéight of religious ideas that had corrupted  into something extremely far from the realms of decency, honesty and truth.

 It was described as an entrance into a new and wonderful life (almost like a new birth into something simple and new)  where harmony and peace could exist -- separate from the chains of self-good religion that held so many captive in moral embarassment.

The promise is still there for the accepting!


Your personal silence is telling lies!
Don't put all the blame on workers or leadership.

Reform subgroupings are even  implying that a collective can replace individual responsibilty
 to  openly and independantly and personally stand up for truth and simple decency.  

The kerfluffel of Oct 14-16 is a fresh reminder of the enormous terror in many (so called believers) of being expected to personally be held responsible (and take the consequensces) for the things they speak, write and honestly feel in their hearts.
Matthew 5:11-13


A Nameless Insular Religious Sect Is Being Rocked by a Massive Sexual Abuse Scandal

Published in Vice News October 12, 2023

Chief Editor



Letter from Mike Hassett Alberta overseer

Completely ignoring the CSA crisis

The article was posted by  WingsForTruth 

An acceptable situation according to him!!


Phil Robinson (Saskatchewan) has been jailed for Sexual Crime against a 15 year old
Now apparently still an elder for a Wed. meeting

Jim Atcheson
Responsible worker for this
continued abuser protection

Dale Shultz
Very responsible at the time



These days (since the Dean Bruer issue broke in March) there have been literally thousands upon thousands of folks that have finally chosen to share heartbreaking experiences of life destructive issues within the fellowship. A fellowship that they are part of, or have been members in. Not all stories are new --- the issue has gone on now for over a hundred years.

Descriptions of some of the ugliest and demeaning forms of human abuse that have happened on this planet. Things that have taken place in the most private of places -- in secrecy and alone. Then the horror, pain and devastation of this abuse being carefully concealed in the darkest of dark places by top group leadership -- very well understanding what they were hiding and denying.

I personally am losing the slightest capacity for understanding or moral respect for ANYONE who continues to make the active choice to be a willing and compliant participator in this fellowship.

I have lost respect for folks actively making the choice at least once each week to willingly and openly participate and support  this system of ongoing criminal behaviour and ongoing shame for Christianity.

Especially serious for those who confess awareness to the ugly issues at hand – and still chose to be part of it -- Confirming a membership that gives the organization the needed strength to continue.

Excuses abound .. but all are shallow!!